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Telecommunication (Plus)

Telecommunication (Plus)

Usage of telecommunications in business

The world is now transformed into global village. Communicating with your friends are very easy because of the telecommunication. Telecommunication provides a number of services and benefits to all of the users.


Benefits of telecommunication are very vast. One of the major benefit of this technology is that the user can easily communicate with the loved ones by using conference call service.  With the advent of technology, there are a number of things which can be included in this technology known as radio, television and the internet.

Social importance

The social importance of telecommunication is accepting worldwide because in every field the use of telecommunication is increasing by leaps and bounds. Form the social point of view, internet helps the man to become social. This can be done through Facebook, twitter and many other things which can help the man

Telecommunications and business

It has also enabled the business to operate by improving the virtual interface and also by improving the VOIP phone service because phone service is very important in any business. The first step in creating a successful business is always to set up the phone service and also provides cell phone accessories to all of the employees of the organization. It also helps to target new markets by using the technology. The industry is now changing because of the telecommunication. It helps to survive the company in the market because only those companies can be survived in the market which are advanced in telecommunication.

Therefore, after the advent of telecommunication it can provide a number of advantages to all of those person which use. One of the major benefit of telecommunication is that it transformed the world into global village and it also increases the social importance of the man. You can also use the telecommunication for the business. In-fact, almost in every business the company tries to use telecommunication because it saves time and also helps you to target some of the specific areas in the market which helps you to take your business on next level. Internet is one of the example of this approach.





Digicel - is a leading global communications provider with operations in 32 markets in the Caribbean, Central America and Asian Pacific,




StartMeeting- is the industry leading audio and screen sharing service that boasts 30 million monthly participants worldwide, including users from nearly all Fortune 500 companies. Our focus is simple: to provide the leading quality, feature rich, secure, and certainly most affordable conference and collaboration products available in the industry. We offer free unlimited HD audio conferencing in more than 55 countries, free screen sharing, free recording, and much, much more.




Lycamobile- is the world's largest MVNO helping over 14 million customers across 19 countries make affordable international and national calls. SIM plans range from the basic ‘$23 pay monthly’ plan to the ‘$59 pay monthly’ plan. Lyca Mobile




RingCentral: Business Cloud Phone System-RingCentral Professional keeps you connected to your office all the time, wherever you work. RingCentral Fax Easy, secure, and affordable internet fax service for small businesses and mobile professionals. The RingCentral Office business phone system makes every business better: more professional, more efficient and more profitable. We help our customers grow their businesses through easy-to-use features that improve productivity and give the business a professional telephone presence. USA RingCentral Professional - Get a Toll Free Number with voicemail starting at $8.29 per month
 in 1998, is a leader in prepaid phone card sales and has the lowest rates available for all of your customers international and domestic calling needs. Customers will receive a PIN number and dialing instructions via e-mail instantly after purchasing online. Pre-Paid Calling Cards




Mobile Nations-Mobile Nations serves the needs of over 34 million consumers a month .... Join Chris Parsons, Kevin Michaluk, Adam Zeis, and the CrackBerry Nation as they …




SpoofCard-offers you the ability to change or spoof what someone sees on their caller ID display when they receive a phone call. Key Benefits: Make calls truly ... Text Message Spoofing





TextNow-We offer no-contract name-brand smartphones from $15.  We have unlimited talk, text & 2G data plans starting from $19 a month.  Every plan comes with buckets of 3G & 4G High-speed data, good for light or heavy users.  Why do our plans cost so little? It's because we've created a technology that uses available wifi networks to make calls, send texts & surf, before using the Sprint cell network.  Plus- with TextNow Wireless, you can use your phone number from your smartphone, tablet or computer.  We're one of a kind.  Check us out.TextNow Wireless is powered by the same technology that powers the TextNow App for iOS & Android that we launched in 2009.  Millions of people have used the TextNow app to talk, text and MMS over WiFi on computers, tablets, and phones all over North America. With Textnow Wireless, customers can now purchase TextNow smartphones to use our revolutionary service on both Wi-Fi and the Sprint® 3G, 4G and LTE network. 




TrapCall-is the ONLY phone service to unmask Caller ID, blacklist callers, transcribe voicemails, record incoming calls and more! TrapCall currently supports AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile as well as home and office landlines! TrapCall does not currently work outside of the US or outside these providers. - Unmask Blocked Calls




ViaTalk-provides high-quality VoIP phone service that is not only affordable, but also backed by award-winning customer service. Our service is feature-rich, reliable, and advanced enough to meet the needs of even the most demanding consumer. Internet Phone Service




Wireless Emporium-we offer the best deals & service when it comes to the cell phone accessories you need! We offer free shipping on all orders! Phone Accessories Free Shipping




Clickatell-is the world’s largest SMS Gateway covering over 960 networks across more than 220 countries and territories. Today more than 13000 enterprises, small and medium businesses and organisations use our messaging solutions to connect employees, suppliers and customers anywhere, with any message, across almost any device.

Easily Integrated API's for bulk SMS sending



CMMOBILE-has been in business since 2001 providing international telecommunication services for both the leisure and business traveler. The CMMobile Travelism allows travelers to save up to 80% on phone, text, and data charges when traveling in over 200 countries.  It allows the traveler to utilize their current cellular device and either use the existing number or a new number for their trip. All they have to do is switch the existing SIM card located in their device to the revolutionary CMMobile Travelsim for their trip and replace it when they return.
 the #1 Cloud Phone Service for small businesses and entrepreneurs. offers innovative, customizable and cost-effective communications solutions with plans as low as $9.99 per month.  Come see why more than 25,000 companies across the U.S., count on for reliable Cloud PBX phone service and award-winning support.  Sign up for a Free 30-Day trial. 468x60 Toll Free Numbers




Rebtel-allows people to make low-cost or free international calls to any country. Save up to 95% on international calls, landline or mobile. Rebtel has apps for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. Our online calling service works with any phone and Rebtel’s smart routing solution automatically connects calls with the best possible quality. Rebtel - Cheap International Calls



Broadvoice-provides US and Canadian customers affordable, residential VOIP phone service.  We also offer  unlimited calling to over 87 countries around the globe for customers needing international calling plans. Our second website, offers US residents affordable high-speed internet service. 




GIV Mobile™-is the first no-contract mobile service dedicated to giving 8% of customers' monthly plan amount to a non-profit organization of their choice. We pride ourselves in transforming mobile communication, an essential service for all, into a vehicle for giving and a tool for good.

GIV Mobile Unlimited Phone Plans Starting at $20




PTel Mobile™-is a nationwide prepaid wireless provider offering affordable wireless service since 2001.  As one of the oldest prepaid wireless providers, we take pride in giving our customers exceptional service and exceptional customer support at affordable prices.

PTel Mobile




Custom Toll Free- is the national leader in the field of consumer awareness and marketing by way of premium vanity toll free telephone numbers. Custom Toll Free was founded to support companies that want to promote their business with a premium toll free number. Toll free numbers have proven benefits to business of all sizes. Among others, every business can improve their marketing with vanity numbers to boost their brand, maximize advertising campaigns, create credibility, increase campaign response rates, and enjoy additional customer recognition. Custom Toll Free has established itself as the industry leader with advanced search technology - sorting through millions of available numbers - to present the best options available over the web. Visit our site and check out the keyword search tool. It's awesome!

 one of the nation's top cellular accessories stores! Proudly based in Southern California. Our own physical warehouses dispersed through the country to ensure the fastest delivery times to our customers.




freedompop-100% Free internet/ Voice & Text speaks to consumer needs, and our drastically price-reduced product line includes LTE hotspots, nationwide hotspots, and LTE phones. FreedomPop has matured, grown and comfortably settling into her rightful place as the alternative to the big telco companies. FreedomPop is the answer that consumers have been asking for… free service, inexpensive hardware without any contracts or commitments ever.