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individual sports/solo sport

Individual sports


3 most played individual sports

In this chaos world where every individual is busy with the hectic jobs and studies, sports play an important role in their life. Sports actually can take the person from that hectic life to a natural and calm world. Sports are actually necessary for the better functioning of life. Sports are either played in teams or individual. But people usually prefer solo games, as everyone is not always available for a team game. The solo games include bowling, archery, horse riding, golf, and the list goes on. However, this article will cover those individual games which are played mostly in the world around.

Skills needed for individual sports

There are millions of individual sports that are played around the world. Every game requires certain skills and a person should be a master in those skills in order to excel in a particular sport. The major things required is the stamina as most of the individual sports have cardiovascular exercise which needs lots of stamina. A mental fitness is more important than the physical one, as the person’s self-confidence could take him up above the sky. The other key is to work on a particular skill and work on it until it makes one experienced, after that an individual can move on to the next skill.

Following are some of the most played games in the world:

·         Bowling

Bowling is actually not about winning or losing, it is about how many times an individual an individual takes the trial to hit the balls. Every individual find it thrilling to hit the target from off, however, he has to keep certain things in mind before taking the trial. Following are listed some of the bowling tips for beginners.

1.       Bowling ball varies in size, so an individual should opt for the one which is compatible with his own weight like an ideal weight ball for females would be 12 pounds while for males, it is 15 pounds.

2.       A player should swing it in a relaxed mode and throw it after the positive self-affirmation.

3.       An individual should match the timings of throwing with the swing and see whether it is in the harmony or not.

·         Archery

The most attractive thing for an individual when he goes for hiking or some other adventure is to hit the target with arrows. This a sort of individual game in which a player has the aim to hit the middle part of the target with one eye close in order to focus. Following are the tips of archery for beginners

1.       The center of the target has the same size as the man’s head, so he could analyze it accordingly.

2.       Fire the arrow after positive self-affirmation.

3.       Focus with one eye closed.

·         Horseback riding

Horseback riding is actually a game of nerves where an individual has to work with animal, so he needs a level of tolerance and expertise. A person can follow the horseback riding guide to excel in the game.

1.       When the way is a straight one, try to move the horse in an arc.

2.       The rider should be mounting the horse on the left side.

3.       The rider might feel wobbly on the horse, so he should fix him rightly.




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