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ice hockey

ice hockey


Ice Hockey – The Training Section

One thing that is certain about ice hockey is that it is unique. The training program for ice hockey involves the power the of aerobic, awful speed and the strength of the muscles. You should have good endurance for aerobic. The average game one player performs consist of about 15 – 20 minutes and the total time of the game is 60 minutes. He gets about 4 to 5 minutes’ rest between the shifts. Today the ice hockey players are bigger in physique, faster and stronger than the former players.

Ice Hockey Training

Training is the most important part of ice hockey. It must be more specific. Gaining the maximum strength is very useful in this game. The experience is totally different than that of a bodybuilder. Due to their continuous contact specific to hockey, they are more at the risk of getting injured. Better conditions play a very important role in avoiding the injury. It also elongates the carrier of the player. Preparing your body especially for ice hockey and a good training program will help you to prevent many injuries that are the part of every game.

Flexible Exercises during Training Program

Flexible exercises are for players with all muscles group. Stretching is not only the part of warm up but is also must for any exercise. The recent study says that static stretching is not as beneficial as dynamic stretching.  If you are unable to differentiate between stretching types, then you can join some flexibility training section. After every training section, your body will completely warm up.

Power Training Program for Ice Hockey Players

Power training enables the hockey player to apply the maximum amount of strength in a very short period of time. This is very important for every sportsman and female players require this training more. A player can be strong but he can be unable to show his strength rapidly. Power training program will help you to convert the strength of muscles in power specific to sports.

Off Season Ice Hockey Training Programs

The type of training conducted must be specific to hockey. Some polymeric exercises are best for football and hockey. Off season training programs are also very important for any sportsman. It will help the player to recover himself physically as well as psychologically. Off season training programs are usually conducted in the month of May. June, July, and August are the Pre-seasons. Rest of the months consists of in-Season. Summer is mostly the offseason and most of the training programs are conducted in summer when there are no tournaments and it is the rest period for players to focus totally on their training.

Importance of Training

A player must understand his sports very well. Preparing yourself for it is called training. Training programs are designed to achieve the desired goals. On the other hand, doing exercise is just burning calories as it has no aim to improve their performance in any given task. To be a better hockey player training is very important in order to understand all the demands of the game from all angles.






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