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football (sports)


Football – Youth Football Drills & Wide Receiver Drills

Football training drills are very important to master this sport. In this article, you will some football drills and some wide receiver drills. You will also find some tips to start with them. A drill is basically an exercise to train people for different sports activities. You can also say that it is a rehearsal in which procedures and duties are described to the players. It just sounds like fun but drills are done in a formal way.

Football Receiver Drill   

The football coaches teach the receiving players to catch the ball at a number of places with their index finger and thumbs. These players’ catches the maximum passes by making a cone shape with their hands. These players are trained to be quick and in order to get off the line immediately and they havethe ability to block defend well. They can move efficiently in any defending area. They can tackle every situation to avoid any goal from opposite team.

The Circle Drill

This drill is organized to make the player very quick in his reaction. 4 players’ makes a circle around one player the distance of the middle player from the rest of the players is almost 3 yards. Every player outside has a ball in their hand. The ball is tossed to him and by outside players and he has to tackle it. The middle player catches the ball and tosses it back to outside players and he has to turn to the right. The drill continues in the same manner and the players outside the circle continue to move from left to right.

Side to Side Football Drill

In this drill, two players have to stand on the line of the goal and they have to face them at a distance of about five yards. When the coach says GO they have to run sideway by flipping the ball front and back and in this position they have to reach the end line.

Back of the End Region Drill

The principle of the drill is to help the players regulate the catching of the ball near the end zone. The procedure is that the players line up near the end line and run across at half speed. The coach throws the ball high and in front of the players who have to stay as close to the end line as possible and catch the ball.

Drills to warm up

These drills are used to warm up the players before starting any practice. The procedure is to divide receivers into two groups with a coach on both sides on the field to throw balls. Receivers start in a two-point stance and run across the field at half speed. The coach waits until receiver runs ten yards before throwing the ball. The ball should be thrown with a good high arch. The receiver catches the ball mid-way across the field and strides across to the sideline. After each player has gone one time in both lines, the drill is then repeated using on hand over the head.

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