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"The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time."
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Personal finance (software)

Personal finance

Personal financing basically includes all the financial decisions and initiatives by an individual to fulfill its financial needs and to overcome all the financial constraints. Financial activities include budgeting, insurance policies, current and future savings, retirement, and mortgage plans. It involves exploration of individual’s or household’s current and future financial position, making short term and long term predictions of needs and then devising a plan to fulfill such needs lying within the constraints.  Personal financing is highly dependent on individual’s earnings, its goals, needs and living requirements.

Credit scoring

Debt is another way to personal financing. It can be used to fulfill current needs and can be repaid once generated. Debt comes with many risks and conditions that have to be met in order to become eligible for it. Lenders use many different ways to identify the eligibility of the debtor. Credit scoring is one way used by lenders to make a decision regarding extension of credit to the debtor. It is performed by doing a statistical analysis to identify creditworthiness of the debtor. Firms like Lexington law makes sure that the needs of their clients are met, and their credit reports are fair and accurate, increasing the worthiness of the debtor. The score of the credit explains how eligible a debtor is for credit extension. The score generally lies between 300 to 850.

Your credit score has 5 main categories

•        Payment history

·         Amounts owed

•        Length of credit history

•        New credit

•        Types of credits used

How to improve credit scoring

1.       The first and the easiest way to improve your score is making an on time payment. Don’t be late is an ideal key to staying on top of the list.

2.       Utilization ratio is a percentage of credit limit which you have already used, is the main factor behind credit scoring. The principle is simple higher the numerator higher the ratio, higher the denominator lower the ratio. Card balance/ card limit, paying off the debt is the best way to improve this ratio.

3.       Reviewing your credit report can prevent any errors and omissions which might be negatively affecting your score.

4.       Don’t apply for opening a lot of credit accounts at once. This often leads to a high inquiry which lowers your credit score.

5.       You can also ask for higher credit limit from your issuer. The score can also be transferred from one card to another.






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