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Other Investment Software

Other Investment Software

Investment software

Management of a small investment portfolio can be a fairly simple task but as the wealth continues to grow it becomes difficult to manage it on your own. Whether you are an investor, a portfolio or fund manager or even a professional money manager you definitely need some help regarding the management of your wealth.

Initially, wealth can be managed using an excel spread sheet, however as your wealth or investment increases to a level where it becomes impossible to use such spreadsheet an investment software can be a life saver. They help in managing your portfolio no matter of what nature or what level it is.  Much different portfolio management software is available in the market. But as an Investor, it sometimes gets confusing to select among that software.

The top investment portfolio management software are;

Personal capital; It is designed especially for individual investors and traders. It provides you with everything to gauge, monitor and optimize your wealth, investment portfolios and all other finances like home equity, credits etc. It helps in linking all your external financial accounts making easier access to a general and comprehensive view to your financial life.

Stator portfolio manager software; it is designed for traders, hedge funds management, individual investors and for brokerage firms. As a point of differentiation they have created different versions for different accounts they have four main versions; lite, standard, pro and platinum.

iBalance; It is most suitable for professional money managers. It has a team of engineers and financial experts who specialize in investments. Their investment tracking software provides values frequently, flaunting the excellence, innovation, and integrity of their business.

Fund manager portfolio management software; It is used by traders, investment advisors, and individual investors. This software is unique in size and scope behind its job. It is comprised of a team of three individuals holding a private corporation, which created a system that includes different options and levels for different investors.

Investment account manager; It is well known for its unified management of accounts, featuring f multiple IRA’s and taxable accounts. Their financial portfolio management features include risk tolerance, investor resources, and portfolio goals.

Front PM; it helps in a compilation of accurate data and investment analysis which provides a guard at the time of auditing, allowing you to spend more time in analyzing the performance instead of making a calculation of huge spreadsheets. It also makes information more accessible and integrated with excel.


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autopilots profits- watch how a simple turnkey system prints $549,784.82 profits for you around the clock

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Quant Analyzer 4-Is A Powerful Tool That Can Load And Analyze Trading Reports And Backtests - Analyze Your Strategies And Trading Results - Find Weak Points And Potential For Improvement - Build Optimal Portfolios And Use The Best Money Management

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Traders Calculator-A Unique Calculator For Stock, Index, Forex And Commodity Traders. Includes: Fibonacci, Pivot Points, Camarilla, Atr, Gann Square Of Nine, Trading Range Forecaster, Swing Trading, Profit And Loss, Trade Lot Size.

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