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Networking (software)


 Information technology defines networking as the construction, strategy, design of physical parts (like hub, router, and switches), the selection and implementation of telecommunication protocol, and the formation of procedures and operation policies of a network.

How does network operate

It operates by the connection of computers with peripherals using two main equipment; the switches and the routers. Switches and routers together enable the communication of devices connected to yours and other networks. 

Purpose of switch in networking

Multiple devices on the same network whether inside the building or the whole campus can be connected using a switch. Like switches are used to connect your computers to the printers and the server’s present within a building creating a network of resources that are being shared with each other.

Purpose of a router in networking

It is the second most valuable component of networking essentials. It is used to link multiple networks together. Like routers can be used to connect your networked computer to the internet and thus sharing an internet connection with many other networked computers.

There are many different routers available in the market, which can be bought based on your networking plan of a business. Different routers have different capabilities.

•        Firewall; It is a specialized for of software that inspects the incoming data and provides protection to your business’s network against different attacks.

•        Virtual private network; remotely access to your network can be provided to your remote employees

•        IP phone network;  It helps in combining your business’s computer with the telephone networks to simplify your communication using voice and conferencing technology

Explaining networking with a diagram

A network is a complex connection of different physical components like switches and routers with telecommunication protocols, the internet etc. Thus understanding a network can sometimes be difficult, independent of the fact that whether you are a network engineer, consultant or enthusiast you must have encountered the need of drawing or representing the complete information technology network. Customers also try to represent their networks on a piece of paper to make it easier for understanding.


There are many different products or software like net depict which analyses the network, describes its relationships with different devices and provides an interactive and spontaneous environment to understand.

How does it work?

•        It works by enabling you to draw snapshots or drawing of the network you manage or operate, regardless of the number of devices connected to it.

•        It enables you to generate drawings that are accurate, providing you a clear perspective of any network’s environment.

•        As a seller, it provides you an advantage of easily understanding the customer’s network and enabling you to compare the current diagram with the older one.

•        The degree of details presented can be controlled combining the diagrammatic data with the MS office functionalities like font size, editing etc.






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