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Gay / Lesbian; A cross dressing guide:

When you are interested in the same sex as yours, its either you are known to be a gay or lesbian. Like other relationships one aspect is your dressing style that could be the eye catching trait towards your partner attraction. Some people also like to cross dress that they think might enhance their personalities. Cross dressing individuals may be homosexual, heterosexual or bisexual. Cross dressing does not include any specific sexual preferences or gender identity. Before going to further guide you should first know what cross dressing is and how it is affected?

What is cross dressing?

Cross dressing is known to dressing what is made for the opposite gender. Another term used for cross dressing is “transvestism.”  The person who cross dresses could be known as transvestites. Which is sometime could be a little offensive. Cross dressing is different from transgender dressing and the cross dressing guide will tell you what kind of dresses comes in cross dressing?

Cross Dressing guides:

The cross dressing guide has some signifiers which includes the color pink, and dresses that strongly signifies people’s mind with the dresses that are used by the one specific gender. The female clothing is mainly signifying as in cross dressing because the male clothing normally used by the females in western culture. So the males are considered to cross dress. In some cultures, where male dressing is restricted to male gender only, there female dressing as males could be considered to cross dress.

Why do people cross dress?

There are three main reasons that could be focused for cross dressing is that they, in some cultures where the gender is divided into only two sex, male and female, there is a third sex available that is in between males and females known as “hijras” in the eastern cultures mainly include India. Then the native Americans also considered to cross dress as well for particular rituals too be performed. Third is people cross dress to perform a particular act that involves portraying the other gender. For passing, which is the practicing the changing of appearance of one’s gender in order to go to a place where one’s actual gender is not allowed. These cross dressing guide helps you to provide the basic information about cross dressing.




male to female cross dressing guide

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