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Automotive Stores:

Automotive stores mainly deal with selling and repairing the automobile parts and works as a hospital to your vehicle. The best automotive stores are those that deals with the latest technology and provides services at the lower cost. These stores mainly deal with car batteries, lubricant, automobile parts and supplies. Two types of such stores are available, one includes do it yourself (DIY) where customers are allowed to work on their own cars. And the other one is do it for me (DIFM), here customers take the services of the automotive stores.

Repair Manuals:

When repairing your own product, you need the guide to help you out if you are stuck anywhere. Automotive stores ensure that you get the repairing manuals and pro-scan of the car to detect the problem and get it done easily and completely. The key feature in repairing parts is to locate the repair parts. The automotive store helps you find that. Even if your car had collided and needs collision repair we are at your service to make your car look brand new again.Repair manuals are also available for that.

Other Features:

We do not only deal with repairing automobiles and providing spare parts but also with provides auto body shop courses and motorcycle training courses.These extra features are only provided by our store. The body shop course includes the basic training about the theoretical knowledge of the body parts of automobile and professional skills as well.

Body shop course:

Some important features that you get training for body shop are, how to keep your shop and yourself secure? Knowledge about the vehicles and parts to be constructed. Communication skills and applied mechanical system is also included in the course. Other thing that is taught is refinishing and detailing of the equipment, the non-structural repair fundamentals and trade tools and shop equipment.

Motorcycle training course:

All the basic knowledge about riding is provided including safety precautions and the helmets and motorbikes. The course includes providing the licensee as well and all the knowledge about the motorbikes is also provided. The course includes the theoretical knowledge and practice as well under the secure conditions and guidance of supervisors. government siezed auto auctions

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Ebooks- ford shop manuals and service manuals

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911buyersguide- Porsche 911 Buyers Guides. Get The Right Porsche. Avoid The Pitfalls, Lean From A Professional How To Find The Best And Avoid The Lemons.

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Total obd & Ecu auto diagnostics software(toad) & Elm327 scan tool-Quickly, Easily And Safely 'hack' Your Car To Run Better And Faster, Perform Advanced Fault/health Diagnostics - And Most Of All Save Money And Time On Repairs And Maintenance. Includes Diagnostic/tuning Software And Cable.

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DiY car painting auto body course

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car spray painting videos

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Inspect a used care before you buy-Ase Certified Automotive Technician Teaches You How To Properly Inspect A Used Vehicle In This Ebook.

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Learn to ride a motorcycle

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best used jeeps guide

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the ultimate horsepower calculator

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